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What is the best way to sell a sex tape?

Dec 8, 2022

On the Internet there are countless opportunities to earn money, but these include not only freelance jobs, but also platforms where you can sell your own images as well as other productions, including for example Sextapes. In recent years, especially social networks like MYM popular, on which you can even secure a monthly income with your own pictures. In this article, we will not only tell you how you can best sell sex tapes, but also give you some tips and tricks for production.

Sextapes and their meaning

To start with this post, I would first like to definewhat sex tapes are really about. Simply explained, it is a video recording of a sexual act. This pop culture term came into being when unwanted recordings, especially of celebrities, were made public a few years ago.

These usually became major PR scandals that affected and stalled many careers, but also quickly propelled other celebrities when used properly. For these sex tapes and the scandal around them, has already produced some celebrities. Nowadays the term is also used for small homemade "erotic" movies used, which many people want to produce themselves and eventually sell.

In some cases, these sex tapes are also created at the moment when filming is done privately behind closed doors and a good recording is created from it "unplanned". In fact, many make these Sextapes a common practiceThe risk behind it and the excitement of being filmed in the act can make it even more passionate, creating a variety of sex tapes that you can keep privately for your own use, but also sell.

Why sell sex tapes?

If you're reading this article, you probably already know, why you want to sell your sex tapes. To explain in a few words: SEX SELLS! There is simply a huge demand for nude pictures and sex tapes and these pictures and video productions are even paid much better than other "normal" pictures that do not show nudity and do not depict sexual acts.

Of course, not everyone is willing to give other people their Sextapes and Nude pictures for saleOthers, on the other hand, have no problem with it or even love to show themselves to other people in these situations and draw from it a greater self-confidence or a certain self-gratification. If you are one of these people and you would like to sell your sex tapes, you should definitely continue reading this article, because I have some valuable tips for you!

Tips and tricks on how to create the best sex tapes.

To make good sex tapes that you can not only enjoy yourself later, but if possible even sell, you should pay attention to a few things. Here are my tips and tricks:

  • Delete everything superfluous: A sex tape should be about sex, so I recommend cutting out big dialogue, big staging, and all superfluous trappings completely.
  • Choose the right location: Even if it's basically about the act itself, a good location can not only make the sex tape look better, but also make it more exciting and thrilling. However, please always pay attention to your safety and the applicable laws.
  • Choose the right accessories: A good sex tape depends just as much on a suitable location as it does on the right accessories. You can also get creative with this point and the sex toys and any accessory you want to play with during the shoot should be at hand. You can't disappear in front of the camera just because a toy you want to have is further away.
  • Choose the right angle and lighting: You surely know that you look different from different angles. Especially for sex tapes and the respective positions, there are certain angles that can be more advantageous for you. Also, certain filters or special lighting can enhance your sextape. In general, however, natural light is better than artificial light.
  • Only do things you are comfortable with: Many people who make a sex tape try to recreate some porn and it can look quite confusing and even tasteless, so you should do what you would normally do during the shoot and thus already have practice at it.
  • Do it with the person you feel comfortable with: Choosing a partner for a sex tape shoot is extremely important and both must not only agree, but also feel comfortable with everything that is being done.
  • Take precautions: I recommend you not to show your face on a sex tape, as it can save you some discomfort in the future. You can do it with the help of your position, but also use sexy accessories for it. Also, make sure that all the people that appear in this video are are of age and agree with it.  
  • Relax: It's also important to be yourself on the video and relax. On a sex tape, it's clear to see when one of the people isn't feeling well. So you should forget about the camera and just enjoy it!

Make money with sex tapes: 4 steps

Now you know how best to produce sex tapes, but how to finally sell them online and make money with them, I'll tell you in 4 easy steps.

  1. Produce high quality sex tapes: To be able to sell your sex tapes, you should have a high quality video. If you don't have it yet, you should take care of the production. Pay attention to the tips and tricks I mentioned in the previous point.
  2. Also sign up to a platform where you can sell the sex tapes: I recommend you MYM Fans. It is a premium platform that allows you to sell sex tapes and nude pictures and you can even build a lucrative income through a subscription system.
  3. Set a price: The first thing to remember is that sex tapes should not be "given away" cheaply, however you can set a rather low price at first until you have gained some experience in this online business and have also been able to build up a fanbase. Over time, you can then slowly increase your prices.
  4. Keep in touch with your fans: At MYM you can get in touch with your fans directly, by offering them your latest productions directly via message or by handling their requests directly. Also, try to upload new content regularly so that your fans will continue to be willing to pay a subscription to your site. Because the production of a sex tape is a relatively large effort, I recommend you also upload other images, including nude images, which can also be limited to certain body parts. This way you can keep your fans happy until you have a new video production ready.

How does MYM Fans work and why is this platform ideal to sell your sex tapes?

At MYM Fans you can put pictures and videos online. There are 2 areas. In public area no nudity may be shown, as these images are free for everyone to see. However, there is also another private areawhere nude pictures, as well as sex tapes, are allowed, as this area is blurred and can only be seen by those who sign up for a subscription on this site. You can also set the subscription price yourself, as long as it is within the range set by MYM specified range.

The great advantage of this is that you can get a handsome Build monthly income once you have gained a certain number of fans for your site. You can then top this up with special orders, tips, etc.

MYM Fans is a relatively secure site, as neither images nor videos can be downloaded directly. Hackers who nevertheless "steal" these images through screenshots and various programs are tracked down and found by a large team of employees and eventually prosecuted by the legal department. 


Advantages and disadvantages of selling sex tapes online?

The big advantage Sextapes for sale online is of course with it Earn money. It is quite easy to build up a good monthly income this way, compared to other online jobs, if you have the necessary talent and motivation.

Disadvantages can be that you will have consequences in the present or in the future, which you should consider well today. Because even if these portals have strict security measures, it is still possible that anyone from current or future business or personal relationships can see your sex tapes and associate them with you. Therefore, I mention once again that it is best not to show your face on a sex tape and try to remain anonymous.


Nowadays it is possible and even quite simple your Sextapes for sale online. All you have to do is use platforms like MYM Fans that offer you the possibility to do that in a legal and lucrative way. Please pay attention to all the safety instructions mentioned in this article, as well as the tips and tricks to create a really good sextape. As already mentioned, one of the basic requirements is that all participants in your sex tape are not only consenting, but also of legal age! Also, do not put yourself in danger, but always pay attention to your own safety first.


  1. Is it legal to sell sex tapes online?

You cannot sell a sex tape online through a public portal. However, if this is done through a private area like MYM Fans you are allowed to do so. If you generate regular income, you must of course register a business.

  • Do you have to pay taxes for sex tapes?

If the sex tapes provide a regular income, you will have to pay taxes for them and register a business if necessary.

  • Can you make money online with sex tapes?

Yes, you can make money online with sex tapes. As I said, I recommend the platform MYM Fans for this. But think well in advance whether you are really ready for it.

Written by MYM Influence

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