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OnlyFans: What is the best alternative?

Dec 5, 2022

Over the last few years, OnlyFans has helped a lot of people to build an online career and thus an extremely large community. With recently announced new policies that will most likely block a large number of photos, many influencers and newcomers are looking for a good alternative. Don't worry, because there are some options that are even better than OnlyFans and on which you can share even better with your Earn money with images you can. We present you here the alternatives to OnlyFans before.

What is Onlyfans and what are the alternatives?

Even though OnlyFans has been on the rise for some time and many people have already successfully made money with it, there are also some reasons why you might want to look for an alternative to this social network.

Do not worry, because there are several alternatives, among which, for example, sting MYM Fans, FanCentro, AVN Stars, AdmireMe or Fansly stand out, although there are several others that are also dedicated to more specific target groups.   

OnlyFans: What exactly is it about?

OnlyFans is a social platform created by a British company. It allows its users to upload their pictures, like on Facebook and Instagram, with the additional possibility of selling them without having to advertise or rely on sponsors. The basic idea behind OnlyFans is in fact Pictures for sale online and that both influencers from other networks and individuals can use it to build an income.

onlyfans alternative mym

So how does it work exactly? I'm going to explain it to you very simply. You can set a subscription price on OnlyFans, which users of this social network will have to pay in order to Access to your private pictures to have. Also you can Accept tips and direct Sell images by message. Many "creators", as the people are called who put pictures online for a fee, have been able to build up a handsome monthly income.

For those who prefer to consume rather than produce images themselves, the register on OnlyFans and has the possibility to view different content both for free and for a fee. However, this depends on the respective profile and whether you want to see images behind the paywall or only public images.

In the age of Smartphones, selfies and social networks However, OnlyFans is not the only platform that offers something like this.

Why look for an alternative?

The reasons why you should look for a Alternative for OnlyFans are many and varied. Because over the years, millions of people have visited this platform and just as many have uploaded their pictures to this social network. Even though many have become successful as a result, not all have had only positive experiences and some bad sites have filtered out.

Some users find this platform very confusing and complicated to use. The user-friendliness has an impact on the user experience and thus directly influence your ability to gain fans on this site and with your Pictures earn money.

Another negative aspect of OnlyFans is the slow and sluggish payout of the amounts earned on this site, as payouts are made only every 21 days, making you wait over 1 month in some cases for international payouts.

Recently, more and more people have been looking for a Alternative to OnlyFans made, mainly due to the fact that this site has increasingly strict requirements for the images that are posted online and especially bans content that shows too much nudity and is only suitable for adults.

Security issues are also a major reason why users turn to other sites, as OnlyFans has no control over the unlawful use of images uploaded to their platform, which can have serious consequences.

Possible alternatives for OnlyFans

Among the possible Alternatives to OnlyFans count

  • MYM Fans
  • FanCentro
  • AVN Stars
  • AdmireMe
  • Fansly

However, there are many more alternatives, all of which offer roughly the same thing, with minor differences.

Why is MYM Fans the best alternative for OnlyFans?

I recommend you the French platform MYM Fans, as it offers some significant advantages to the current UK market leader OnlyFans and as a emerging social network enables its fans to get in touch with stars and other interesting personalities.

MYM compared to OnlyFans

MYM has some advantages compared to OnlyFans:

1. it is a premium network

MYM Fans is a premium network that is not mainly for mainstream content. The motto behind MYM is the Contact between models, stars and other interesting personalitiesincluding actors, chefs, fitness trainers and photographers. These meet on the platform and fans have the opportunity to unlock the private images of the personalities in exchange for a subscription. The price for these subscriptions is set by the respective creator, although there is a guideline amount from MYM.

2. there is a possibility to receive direct orders

A big advantage of MYM compared to OnlyFans is the possibility of direct orders for new images from the fans to receive. This means that fans can get exactly the pictures or video productions they want and are therefore naturally prepared to dig a little deeper into their pockets. They feel much closer to their stars through this direct contact. On the other hand, this gives creators the opportunity, in addition to subscriptions on their private page, to sell their Increase income and receive many more ideas for new content along the way. Of course, they can also reject these requests and if they are inappropriate orders, they can have these users blocked immediately.

Push media must also be seen as MYM advantage as these offer the creator the possibility of sending messages directly to their fans, via which special content can be unlocked for a fee.

3. it offers an attractive paywall

Even though many of these platforms have a similar Use paywall, for example, lock images that have not been paid for, MYM's website looks much more attractive compared to OnlyFans. Locked images behind the paywall are blurry to see and only give fans more incentive to pay a subscription to unlock them.

On many other sites, these images are covered by black boxes or not visible at all and neither arouse interest nor look good in any way. In general, you can see from the design that MYM is a premium site.

4. creators are actively promoted

MYM, thanks to the commissions, is interested in Creators being successful and earning as much money as possible through this site. Of course, this is also the case with OnlyFans and all other similar sites, but MYM offers you various programs that can help you to be really successful. Thus, you can not only increase your profits faster, but you can also supported all around feel.

onlyfans alternative mym

These include, for example, the Superstar program, which represents you as a premium creator on the site. You only need to meet a few requirements, including having a certified account and a certain number of fans and content. The advantage of this is that you marked with a star and be shown as one of the best creators on the site via the filter.      

Furthermore you have the possibility with your pictures the face of advertising campaigns of MYM on other platforms as well, as MYM regularly advertises on Facebook, Instagram, etc.

5. there are strict protective measures

As is widely known, OnlyFans has lost control over the images that have been posted online and they are distributed on the Internet around the world without any consequences. Certain content may have an impact on the Creator's personal and professional life.

MYM, on the other hand, has a large editorial and legal team, which is dedicated to verifying the content, as well as the identity of the members and prosecutes all copyright violations and removes from the Internet content stolen from the site. In addition, all those who violate the rules of the platform will have their access directly blocked. 

6. a fast and secure payment procedure

A great OnlyFans disadvantage is the sluggish payout system and in contrast, MYM offers its own transaction system, which not only makes the payouts fast, but also secure. Even though it is a French site, all transactions are made in US dollars, which is the internationality promotes. Withdrawals can be made on MYM at different intervals and if you want and have at least 50$ in your account, they can even be made daily. At OnlyFans, as already mentioned, withdrawals are made only every 21 days and in the case of foreign withdrawals, it can take up to a month to get your money in your account.   

7. a very intuitive and user-friendly platform

OnlyFans is described on various review portals as not very intuitive and also not user-friendly, which is stated as one of its main flaws. In this point, MYM is way ahead and offers not only a very user-friendly and well-organized interfacebut also an intuitive use that improves the user experience and generally makes it easier for both fans and creators to use the platform. 


All the sites mentioned in this post offer roughly the same thing and have similarities in terms of how they are used, how they work, and the pros and cons associated with them. However, besides the well-known OnlyFans, there are some alternatives that are worth trying out, among which MYM mainly stands out. MYM is a site that is located in a premium segment and offers you a pleasant usage. Thanks to a growing and ever-expanding community, you have the opportunity to build your career there. Besides, it offers you and your images many protections, and most importantly, you'll be able to easily find earn money with your pictures can!


  1. Is MYM better than OnlyFans?

MYM is the best alternative to OnlyFans and it has several advantages compared to this platform, among which the ease of use, security and fast payment processing stand out.

  • Can I sell nude pictures on MYM?

You can sell nude pictures on MYM, but they can only be displayed in the private area, as nudity is prohibited in the public area.

  • How many members does MYM currently have?

MYM has over 8 million followers (as of the end of 2022). However, there are regularly even more visitors and the number is growing rapidly.  

  • Is it safe to sell images on MYM?

MYM is among the safest platforms to sell your images on, as it has a large legal department, as well as countless protections in place to make sure your images are as safe as possible.

Written by MYM Influence

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