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How you can sell nude photos?

Dec 6, 2022

Thanks to platforms like MYM Nowadays you can easily Sell images onlinebecause you are not dependent on sponsors or advertising and you can directly contact your fans and customers without suffering censures for nudity. If you want to show your Nude photos like to sell online and don't really know how to get started, this is the right post for you, because I'm not only going to tell you what nude pictures are all about and how to best create them, but also how you can really make money with them.

Nude photos and their meaning

Nude photos have different names and are also called nudes, nude photos, nude pictures and sexy pictures. These include all photos that show nudity. For this, your body or the nude model does not have to be completely naked or even explicitly the whole body is photographed. Thanks to different poses, the model can cover certain areas with hands, with the help of accessories or through the posture. In other cases, the focus is on certain parts of the body. However, in order to be nude photos, of course, nudity must be shown in the picture!

However, the difficulty with nude photos is not really how to take them, but rather where to post and sell them, because most social networks censor nude pictures, especially if they show a lot of nudity, and not only pictures, but even your profile can be blocked as a result.

Why sell nude photos?

If you have landed on this page, you surely know why you want to sell your nude photos. Most of them are not really interested in just show her bodybut earn the big money. Nude pictures have turned out to be a very profitable business idea and on the Internet they can be sold at high prices.

Prerequisites are of course, create great nude photosthat appeal to customers so that they are willing to dig deep into their pockets. Sexy pictures undoubtedly have a great demand and nudity is always paid more than any other type of photo. Many nude models, both men and women, have been able to build a stable side income through this activity and some can even make a living from it. If you manage to build a big fan base, you can even become rich with it.

Tips and tricks on how to take the best nude photos

If you want to make money with nude photos, you need to make new pictures regularly to offer them to your fans and clients and keep your business going.

I'll tell you some tips and tricks you can follow to even improve your nude pictures:

  • Pay attention to the background: Although nude photos can be taken in locations such as in the shower, at the gym, in the great outdoors, etc., it's best to make sure you have a neutral background so that your body is in the foreground and there are no distractions. White, black or generally solid color backgrounds are best.
  • Pay attention to the right angleBecause you can put certain body parts better in scene, make them look better or cover them up completely. I recommend you to get creative and experiment a bit! You can of course work with a photographer, but selfies are also very popular.
  • Work with different lighting: Use lamps, shadows, fairy lights and various filters to make your nude photos even more interesting. It is also true that natural light is usually better than artificial light.
  • Use accessories: Clothes and accessories that properly stage the nudity are usually more erotic and inspiring than a completely naked body. Again, be creative and experiment a little!

Ideas for staging, natural filters and poses are heaps on the internet.   

Make money with nude photos: 5 steps

Maybe you are already a pro at taking nude photos. If not, you now have an idea how to make great nude pictures with little effort. But what's really interesting is how you can actually make money with these sexy pictures. I'll explain it to you in 5 easy steps.

  1. Production of the nude pictures: Of course, you first need great nude photos to be able to offer and sell them. So I recommend you to invest in a photo shoot where you can create some high quality nudes. If you don't have the opportunity to hire a photographer, you can also do it yourself or with friends. Remember to pay attention to our tips. Nudes can also be made only of certain parts of the body, such as legs, the belly, the back, and in the case of men, arms as well. The possibilities and poses are virtually unlimited. 
  2. Choose the right price for your Nudes: Even though nude pictures can be sold for different prices, they range from 15 to 90 euros. Of course, you can also charge less or more. For newcomers, I recommend not to set the prices too high at first, in order to gain first fans. When you sell your images through MYM, you have to choose how much you want to charge for a subscription for your images. Prices range from $9.99 - $49.99.  
  3. Register on MYM to sell your nude photos there: MYM is the ideal platform to sell your nudes. This is because it is a premium platform that allows nudity in the private area and you can easily sell your nudes there.
  4. Build your own fan base: On MYM, you have the possibility to write directly to your fans and offer them your images directly. You should also promote your MYM profile outside of MYM, i.e. on your other social networks, including Instagram or Facebook.
  5. Make money with your nude photos now: You can sell your first nude photos on MYM, but keep in mind that you won't become a millionaire right away, even though the earnings can increase quickly, especially in the case of nude photos. Also, don't forget to upload new pictures regularly to justify a subscription and satisfy your fans, who will eventually pay for it. 

How does MYM Fans work and why is it better than others to sell nude photos?

I have now heard several times from MYM spoken. Although this platform is actually intended for models and celebrities, who can get in touch with their fans directly on this site, any private person can register on MYM as Creatorto start selling images online.

There you have a public page that shows images that are free and available for everyone to see. On your private page you can then upload images that are behind a paywall and can be unlocked for a subscription fee. You set this fee yourself and you can build up a regular income with it, since it is paid monthly or annually.   

On MYM you can Upload nude photos in private area and thus sell them safely and easily. A legal team protects creators from having their images copied from the website and distributed on other platforms. Of course, it is not possible to right-click to copy or save the images. Screenshots cannot be avoided, but they will be prosecuted and deleted from other sites.

The emerging community on this French premium platform allows you to build a large fanbase and build a good income with your nudes. 

What is the risk behind selling nude photos online?

Nude photos for sale online means, of course, that you sell a piece of your privacy to other people you don't know. Even though platforms like MYM take great care to ensure the security of the images you upload, they can still be screenshotted and stored on various devices and even redistributed. This can have consequences for your personal and professional life. If not today, then perhaps in the future.

Many men and women who make money from nude photos on the Internet take nude pictures where their identity is not recognizable, that is, the face is not visible. Most of these pictures focus on a particular part of the body, such as the upper body, arms or shoulders (as is very popular in the case of men), back or legs. When it comes to full body pictures, a particular pose can hide the face. Did you know that also Foot pictures become more and more popular and the demand for these images is increasing?

However, if you are willing to show your face, you still have the option of adding a stage name and actually have a greater chance of building a fan base. Fans like to know who is behind these nude pictures and they are willing to either pay even more for nude pictures or subscribe over a long period of time to keep seeing photos of the same person they like. 

Once you're aware of these risks, there's nothing stopping you from working with Nude photos online to earn money. 


Nude photos for sale online can be a very lucrative online business and with only a little startup capital you can earn high revenues. You can do this both full-time and part-time to supplement your salary. It's legal and even quite easy and safe via platforms like MYM.


  1. What are Nudes?

Nudes are nude pictures. However, the whole body does not have to be nude for it to be a nude picture, but the focus should be on nudity, which can also be specific parts of the body.

  • Which is the best social network to sell nude photos?

A safe and reputable social network that allows selling nude photos is MYM. It is a premium network that puts a lot of emphasis on security. Nude pictures cannot be shown in the public area, but there is no censorship for nudity in the private profiles.   

  • Is it worth selling nude photos?

There are more and more models in the world who earn their monthly income through nude photos and have even built a small fortune. The price depends on the talent, staging and experience in this br

Written by MYM Influence

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