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How to sell foot pictures?

Dec 2, 2022

In the age of social media, influencers, and bloggers who have often very lucrative incomes in addition to fame, people are becoming more creative when it comes to making money online. Do you possibly have particularly beautiful feet? Although you may not believe it at first, you can make real money with foot pictures, photos of your own feet.

But for this you need to know, how to make the best foot pictureswhere and to whom you will sell it best and some important facts and figures about it, how to sell foot pictures, which I will simply summarize and explain to you in this post. You too can take the first steps to becoming a foot model today and soon sell your first foot photo.

Foot images and their meaning

Feet in general have very controversial effects in the population. There are people who feel disgust at feet, others see them only as useful body parts and otherwise do not pay much attention to them, but there is also a part of the population that actually loves feet! 

The so-called foot fetishism or podophilia is a special and often sexual preference for feet. These individuals love feet so much that they not only buy foot pictures, but also regularly purchase worn socks and even foot videos. It apparently affects a growing part of the population, as the market of foot pictures is booming.


What are footprints used for?

However, it's not just foot fetishists who are Buy foot pictures, and the market for the sale of foot photos is constantly growing, as model agencies are also always looking for new foot models. But what else are foot pictures used for?

On the one hand, publicists and marketing agencies regularly need images of feet to market products such as shoes, hygiene products and nail polish. For another, medical specialists also need foot images to visually represent various health conditions. As more and more people search online for answers to their health problems, images of the different parts of the body are also becoming more and more important, and as mentioned, these include Feet photos.     


Why is someone selling photos of their feet?

The answer to this is quite simple: You can make real money with photos of feet. So if you have beautiful feet, you might consider starting a whole new online business. In fact, there are some foot models who not only sell foot pictures occasionally, but really make a living from it. But to do that, you have to know how to do it, and I want to tell you everything I've researched on the subject.                

Earn money with foot pictures: 5 steps

Earn money with foot pictures: 5 steps

To explain to you very simply, how you can earn money with foot picturesHere are 5 steps you should take to succeed with your new online business. If you follow these steps in order and of course have beautiful feet and some talent as a foot model, nothing will stand in the way of your success:

  1. First of all lead a professional photo shooting of your feet through
  2. Then place the Price for your foot pictures fixed
  3. Choose a suitable platformwhere you will sell your foot pictures
  4. Find potential buyers for the photos of your feet
  5. Earn Cash with your foot pictures

Professional photo shooting of your feet

To really make money with foot pictures, you first need to take really good photos of your feet. This can be done both as "Footsie"You can choose to have your feet photographed by yourself or by a photographer. If you don't want to afford a professional photographer to start with, you can take great foot pictures yourself with a few tips and tricks.

Since your Feet are the protagonists in these pictures, they need to be staged especially. To do this, they should be perfectly groomed and pedicured and a special photo location should be sought. You do not have to travel far or pay a lot for this, because the background of your foot pictures can also be made by yourself. You can choose green grass, flowers, water, stones and other materials for this purpose. Also different accessories can improve your foot pictures.

With the right posing you can so impressive and creative foot pictures create. Also, the better the camera, the better the pictures. Nevertheless, you can take footage with your smartphone first and offer it for sale. Over time, when you have already earned some money with it, you can invest in new equipment and also more elaborate images.

Set the price for your foot photos

When you first Foot pictures for sale you may find it difficult to set prices for them. To give you an idea of what you can earn with photos of your feet, we'll tell you roughly what you can charge per image.

The price depends on the number of feet on a picture and can even increase if they take a very specific position or aim at a certain action. You can charge from 10 to 25 euros per picture. For beginners in this business, I recommend charging 5 euros at first to build a customer base and a foothold over the competition.

The more customers you have, the more images you sell and the more money you can make with this online business.

Choose a suitable platform where you will sell your foot photos

Home page mym

Nowadays, there are countless social media and platforms that allow you to make money with pictures in one way or another, including Facebook, Instagram, as well as some more specific platforms, like foot fetishism pages. However, it usually takes sponsors or advertising, as well as a large number of followers, to even be able to earn the first cent.

My recommendation is therefore your foot pictures about MYM Fans because this new premium French-language social network is especially popular among models and celebrities, since it offers them the possibility of having both a public area and a private area that can be unlocked with the help of a subscription.

How does MYM Fans work and how can I sell my foot pictures there?

As mentioned before, MYM Fans is a relatively new, up-and-coming platform intended for "true" fans who find it worth paying a certain price to see images of stars and models that are not public.

To sell foot pictures, you can register on this page as a Creator sign up, which is free by the way, and start uploading your footage to your public and locked page. For the locked page you can then set a price that unlocks it through a subscription. The advantage of a subscription is that you directly gain a regular income. For a subscription you can charge from 9.99 euros to 49.99 euros per month, which is quite a high monthly income with only a few subscribers.

However, you also have the opportunity to receive orders for very specific foot images through this network and collect what you consider appropriate. Thus, you can directly accept orders as a foot model.

Another advantage of this platform is that payment is processed directly through this site and you don't have to worry about anything else than regularly providing subscribers with new images.

Find potential buyers for your foot photos

Even if you are selling your foot pictures on MYM Fans and can thus reach a large community that is already registered on this platform, it is advantageous for you to also promote your profile on MYM via your other social networks. Wondering why?

It's simple: the followers you already have on Facebook or Instagram or any other social network you can Invite to your MYM page and increase your profits even more!

Besides, you can use other tricks to attract new fans to your MYM page:

On Facebook, you can open a page for your business, with which you can create not only a Create community but also redirect them to your MYM page. The advantage of Facebook is that it is very easy to communicate directly with your followers.

On Instagram you can try to steal followers from your competitors, because foot pictures are a very specific target group. So if you search for foot pictures in this social network with the most important hashtags, you can write directly to the followers of the best foot models and also offer them your MyM page. It is best to send directly the link of your page, so that there are no misunderstandings.

Furthermore you should Use hashtags correctly, so you can still increase the visibility of your foot pictures, which, by the way, are very popular on Instagram.

I recommend the following:

  • #feet
  • 1TP4Footprints
  • 1TP4Foot photos
  • #Feet
  • #PrettyFeet

The English hashtags in particular contain several million images and appeal to an even larger audience than the German ones.

Earn cash with your foot pictures

Once you've followed all these steps and offered your photos to your potential customers on your various social media outlets, all you have to do is see how your footage sells and cashes in. Of course, this online business takes a little time to grow and you need to be patient.

Also, some commitment on your part is required and you should regularly create new and creative images to make it a profitable business to keep offering new images to your clients as well.


In the last few years, foot pictures have become a lucrative business idea and if you feel like giving it a try, I recommend you to follow the steps I just presented to you and eventually sell your best pictures on MYM Fans. You will have the opportunity to build a lucrative side income without much effort.

Should you decide to try your luck as a foot model, I wish you much success with it!


  • Do I have to pay taxes if I sell photos of my feet online?

If you sell foot pictures online and earn income, of course you have to pay taxes because it is a business income. Especially if you want to build a real online business, you should not miss this.

  • Is it legal to sell photos of my feet?

Yes, it is legal to sell photos of feet. However, it must be noted that you own the copyrights of the images, it does not represent obscene content and only adult "feet" are on these images.

  • What is the best social network to sell foot photos?

To generate monthly revenue, MYM Fans is the ideal platform to sell foot images.

Written by MYM Influence

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